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    “Booking my fishing trip through Fishing Hire was easy. I didn’t know how to evaluate captains and I didn’t want to call them for an hour. I requested a trip with my kids and we had our whole trip planned without having to do a thing!”

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    Neal K.

    The Two Best Ways to Book A Fishing Trip

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    Search for fishing charters | Fishing Hire

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    What else should I know?

    We want you to have a great experience with us, so we do our best to make sure you know exactly what you’ll get when you book with Fishing Hire.

    Will I be able to get any boat on my trip date?

    Some captains are really ( and we mean really ) popular and spots fill up quickly. Don’t worry: There are dozens of other captains for you to take.

    What if we can’t fish due to conditions?

    We get it – life happens. Mother nature can be a beast. The captain will notify you of the cancellation due to weather, and you’ll be fully refunded by Fishing Hire – No questions.

    Can I bring my friends fishing with me?

    The whole point is to share the experience. Most charters can accommodate up to 6 people. Some more… some less… Request availability, and we’ll make sure you’re in good hands.